Young Living Business Builder Guide for Essential Oils in 2018

Hey, there! Have you been completely overwhelmed hunting around the internet for reviews on how to sell Young Living products?

We’ve been there before.

Many reviews lack concrete information or have dated information, and it can feel daunting and intimidating trying to sift through all of the information. But the good news is, like so many other things in life, it’s really not as scary as it sounds.

In fact, that’s why we made this guide. To help walk you step by step through all of the information as well as the process behind becoming a Young Living Business Builder (that’s the fancy name for those of us turning essential oils into a living).

This guide is our take on the business side of being a Young Living member.

Thieves and RC essential oilsThe Skinny on Young Living Essential Oils

When we heard our fellow “hippie” mom friend was making 15k a month as a Young Living essential oil distributor, our jaws hit the floor.

We didn’t believe her.

And do you blame us? It sounded unreal that these little glass bottles of strong smelling liquid could be paying for an entire household (and then some!).

But the more we learned about essential oils in general — and Young Living in particular — the more we were blown away! That was all years ago at this point, and if you haven’t guessed it yet, we’re BIG fans now.

Here’s a quick breakdown on why essential oils and the company Young Living, in particular, have come to play such a huge role in our own family.

Why Essential Oils?

At this point, practically everyone knows that essential oils have a lot of great benefits. They’re a safe, natural, alternative option that helps to keep you, your family, and your living space safe.

They are incredibly diverse, as well. Too often they get cubby-holed into decorative, cutesy roles around the home, but there are some pretty major ways that essential oils can genuinely improve your lifestyle, too.

The Chemical Factor

From our clothes to our food, our cleaners to our toiletries, we live in a chemical world. But you can break out of this chemical dependency in a ton of different ways by using essential oils to replace those chemical elements throughout your daily routines and your home in general.

The Olfactory element

Fragrance from essential oils

This is probably the most stereotypical use for essential oils, they just 

All you need is a good diffuser (more on that further down) and a bottle of plain smell good. Whether you’re looking to bring in spring with a nice lavender smell, celebrate the Yuletide season with some peppermint or a myriad of other options, essential oils are a really great alternative to the host of harsh, chemical laden artificial fragrances you might find on the market.

your favorite scent, and you’ll be ready to spruce up a room in seconds.

Cleaning up

Of course, producing a great smell isn’t the only thing essential oils are good for. They also make excellent cleaning agents! From a generic, all-purpose cleaner to window treatments, bathroom cleaners, and even carpet and linen sprays, these fellas can do a bang-up job keeping your home clean and tidy.

And we’re not just talking about using lemon essential oils here either, although that one is certainly a classic (step aside, Pine-sol!). There are a ton of different recipes that can help with keeping your living space clean.

Health properties

Along with cleaning, smell, and their chemical-free nature, essential oils can be really good for your health and very effective towards maintaining good health.

They pack a punch

Finally, we don’t want you thinking that you’re compromising on potency when you use essential oils. This stuff is powerful. Whether you’re cleaning, trying to fight off a cold, or just trying to get rid of whatever that awful smell is, using essential oils is natural, safe, and above all, effective.

Why Young Living?

O.K., so if essential oils are so great, why should you go the Young Living route, in particular?

What sets these guys apart from the pack so much so that we (and thousands of others) have literally devoted countless hours of our lives to learning about and using their products throughout our home?

Quality Control

If we really had to boil it down to one thing it would be QUALITY.

While there are quite a few essential oil companies on the market these days, there’s really only one that stands at the top of the heap. Young Living has steadily provided the purest of the pure, high-quality oils for time out of mind, and if we’ve learned one thing from our time using their products it’s that they don’t mess around.

You’ll see terms like “therapeutic grade” thrown out there — although, just a side note, that term doesn’t actually mean too much considering the fact that there’s no official government or organization deciding what is officially “therapeutic grade,” — nevertheless, there’s a reason Young Living is continually being compared to and used in professional aromatic and therapeutic uses: It’s elite.

And we’re not just talking about the oils themselves, either. Young Living oils are a quality product ...provided by a solid business.

The company is laser-focused on their mission to help facilitate as high a degree of “whole-life wellness” as possible for their customers. It’s an essential part of the Young Living model. (Pardon the pun!)

The whole idea with Young Living, particularly if you’re interested in being a Business Builder, is that you’re not trading out one problem for another. What do we mean? Well, think about it for a second.

If you find out that your cleaners and toiletries are laced with chemicals, whip out your phone that same day and break the bank on a host of essential oils, all you’re going to do is shift that stress from chemical woes to financial worries.

Young Living, on the other hand, has built a business model that allows you to both use and make money from their products.

The whole goal here is to improve the overall quality of your life from your family’s health all the way to your pocketbook. The mantra of “Whole-life wellness” is such a big deal to YL that they’ve even name their events after it!

Choices, choices, choices!

The other side to the quality coin is quantity. That’s right! Young Living covers the quality AND the quantity factors hands-down! They’re not a new company by any stretch of the imagination (they’re a quarter of a century old at this point!) and they’ve had time to dominate the market not only with a high-quality product but with a huge selection as well.

Whether you’re looking for single oils or blends, Young Living will have you covered with an impressive array of options that has kept us, and countless others, happy for years.

Not only that. They even have spin-off product lines. For example, one of our favorite Young Living products is their NingXia (pronounced “ning-shah”) antioxidant drink.

The point of it all? Young Living isn’t just another run of the mill MLM looking to burn you out and move on down the line to other prospects. They are a genuine company, providing genuine products that make a difference.

How to make money selling Young Living essential oils

At this point, we’ve looked at the benefits of essential oils and Young Living as an essential oil provider, but the big question for those of us looking to take things to the next level is, why become a Young Living Business Builder?

Well, a few different reasons come to mind.

A product that stands on its own

For starters, as we already made clear, Young Living essential oils stand on their own. We never — and we mean NEVER — would have considered network marketing that didn’t have a stellar track record for delivering on what they offer.

And you know what? Young Living does just that, they deliver. They have a stalwart “product before business” approach that we heartily approve of.

Their oils are exceptional, and therefore their business is sensational. Isn’t that the best success story to be a part of?

What does this mean for distributors? Well, for one thing, it makes marketing Young Living really easy. It’s not about gimmicks and trapping new customers into commitments. It’s genuinely about spreading the news on an inherently GOOD PRODUCT.

This can be a huge relief for anyone feeling intimidated by the “knowledge factor” of becoming a distributor. You don’t need reams of information to show how good YL essential oils are.

The best selling point for any distributor is their own experience.

The Young Living product

And we’re not just making this up, either. We had been ordering the products for 4 years without even thinking about the business side of things until we started getting a monthly commission check. And we’re not alone, either. The Young Living Income Disclosure Statement for 2017 showed that nearly a whopping 90% of YL distributors are customers ...NOT Business Builders

What does that mean for this thriving MLM company? Their products are desirable even for those who aren’t building their own businesses around them.

Can we say it again? The products speak for themselves!

O.K., are we beating a dead horse here? (Gross. Whoever came up with that phrase in the first place? The good news: if you’re ever actually dealing with a dead horse, you know Young Living can help with both the smell and the cleanup!)

Anyway… moving on.

The cash component

At this point, we’ve more than established that the product is good enough to warrant endorsing it as part of a business model. Two thumbs up, Young Living. Thank you for a great product!

But what about anyone who’s hoping to get some extra compensation from their efforts beyond the oils themselves? What are the cash incentives involved in being a Young Living Business Builder?

First, let’s make one thing clear. This isn’t just pocket change we’re talking about here. If you’re serious about joining the YL team, it really can be a legitimate source of income! Of course, we’re not talking about raking in $15k a month a mere three months after you set up shop. Those kinds of numbers take time for most people.

But in contrast, $15,000 dollars isn’t even the top of the ladder! You can keep climbing past that point! Here’s a pdf that Young Living has on their site with a breakdown of the various ranks and their earning potential. If you look closely, even our “hippie” friend was still only at the platinum level, with several more ranks above her!

The truth is, while even an average distributor is likely to cover the cost of their oils and still take home some very welcome side income, the ceiling in this business is out of this world.

Trust us, we’ve seen it.


Another great reason to be a distributor is the perks!

Young Living has an amazing reward system packed with different goodies for users at all levels. Their basic loyalty program, called theEssential Rewards Programis available right from the getgo and covers the classic rewards offered by any loyalty program, things like better shipping, earning and redeeming points, and loyalty gifts like new diffusers (can you ever have enough of those?).

But that’s just the beginning.

You can also get a monetary bonus for signing up each new member, a Rising Star Bonus, and even an Elite Express one as you climb the ranks! Young Living’s reward tier is overflowing with potential ways to maximize things as you build your business.

Mastering the system

At this point, we’ve covered the ins and outs of why Young Living essential oils are worth having in your home. We’ve also covered many of the best incentives that come with signing up as a Business Builder.

If you think you really do want to become a Business Builder, though, there are several things we want to point out first that were a huge help to us when we were getting started.

Blood, sweat, and tears

The first point that we always feel it’s important to make is that this isn’t free money. This is a legitimate MLM with a ton of potential opportunity, and if you put in the time, focus, and effort, you genuinely have a chance to succeed.

Just remember, true success is a reward for honest, diligent hard work, not a lucky lottery ticket!

Hard work aside, though, there are a few other important and practical things we’ve found throughout the course of our own journey that can really make a huge difference in the level of productivity and success you’ll find as a Young Living Business Builder.

Set goals. Please!

One of the biggest things that set apart the successful from the ...not so much is setting goals.

Not only does setting goals give you something to focus on and work towards, but it also prevents burnout.

Passion is a wonderful, beautiful thing, and it’s an essential part of any successful business. But — and this is a BIG but — you need to make sure that you don’t dive in and try to do everything ...and end up getting nothing done.

A good way to make sure you kick things off on the right foot is to pick S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Achievable Realistic, Timely) goals.

For example, we’ve personally set the modest goal of trying to find two new members a month. It’s enough to keep up the pressure, but not so much so that we turned into pressure cookers!

The important thing here is to avoid feeling like you have to do it all. Try to pick one thing to focus on and be good at it.

You can always branch out to other things over time, but don’t overstretch yourself at the beginning. There are a few different options you can choose from that can be a huge help in being a distributor.

Young Living business builder activities

Teach classes

This option is a great way to get face to face with potential distributors and customers in general. Classes are usually taught in small groups in people’s homes. Some of the common classes that Young Living reps teach include:

  • Essential Oils 101
  • The Chemical Free Home
  • Ditch and Switch (replace your commonly used products with Young Living products)

Although you’re more than welcome to come up with your own Young Living inspired course!

Social media

Posting on social media can be an excellent way to get the word out on YL products. The key factor here, though, is posting content CONSISTENTLY. Quality is obviously a factor, but we’ve managed to continually grow our own Instagram account with decent images ...that we try to post on a regular basis.

Another important factor to keep in mind with social media is the creation of PINTEREST happy images. Pinterest is, well, we all know the potential and power within that image-driven behemoth. If Pinterest loves your images, Pinterest will love you.


You saw this one coming, right? You’re reading our blog, after all. This is a great way to get the word out and let people know about whatever details are important on both the product and the business side of things.

Don’t shirk the administrative stuff!

Remember, if you become a Business Builder, well, you’ll be running your own business! Sure, it’s on your own time and it’s about something you love, but it’s still a business, nevertheless.

Young Living has a Virtual Office right on their website that is a perfect tool to help keep track of you and your team.

It includes your current rank and title along with a rank qualification tab to track how long until you hit the next level in the heirarchy. They also have a Young Living commission calculator on there so that you can keep track of how much you’re making during each period.

If you’re not already a member and you want to get a good snapshot of the Virtual Office, you can see it here.

True to the Young Living vibe of being just plain pulled together all of the time, they’ve also got a great Virtual Office training section once you’re all signed up and logged in as well.

How to become a Business Builder

If you’ve decided to join the thriving community of Young Living essential oils distributors and are ready to both start building your own business and get a paycheck from the comfort of your own home, the process to get started is sweet and simple.

The good news is that you don’t have to head off to find a Young Living distributor locally. There’s no need to go off searching for Young Living distributor websites or Googling things like “find a young living distributor near me” You can complete the whole sign up process online!

And, as you might have guessed, we’ve already got you covered!

Just head on over to our collaboration page at Mountains Meet where you can check out the starter kits we recommend (they even come with that diffuser we hinted at in the beginning!) and follow the link to sign up and join our ever-growing team of Young Living experts!

Once you’re signed up and part of the Mountains Meet team, we’ll continue to help you find the best products for your own home as well as facilitate crafting your business model, identify your strengths, and figure out the best way to start your Young Living journey.

We often initially send a few newly enrolled members your way to put under you as well, just to help get some momentum!

Click here to get started today!

We hope that this overview of the whole process was helpful in breaking down all of the reasons why being a Young Living Business Builder is such an exciting, positive, and profitable venture, even from the comfort of your home!

From the excellence of the products themselves to the integrity of the company as a high-quality MLM, to the ease and convenience of working as a Young Living Business Builder, a career with Young Living really is worth trying out!

If you feel like you learned something from the article, we would really appreciate if you would consider sharing it. And, of course, if you have any questions about any part of the Young Living world, just comment below!