Lisa and John, we're a husband and wife team and together we have two wonderful littles, Finley and Johnny!

We live in Upstate NY. We own a few brick and mortar businesses locally as well as a growing community of network marketing professionals all over the country. We coach and offer trainings where we share the tools that we've created and picked up over the years.


We met at our jobs in corporate America where we worked the 9-5 and managed to climb the 'ladder' with limited success and minimal fun. As our family grew from 2, to 3, to 4, and a healthy picture of what life should look like started to emerge. We realized we were spending more time with the people at our jobs than we were with each other as a family. So, we decided to quit!! This left us with a unique problem, we were much happier, but we had little money. We set off to forge our own way, create our own business and be our own bosses. 

"BE YOUR OWN BOSS" that sounds like an empty promise from a street corner sign promoting some quick way, to a dream life with with little effort. Over the years we've found that there is no quick way, and we've put in tons of effort towards everything we do, but there still is a dream. In this world of social media, fast-paced life and a changing work-economy we desire meaningful connections with God and others. We realized that our kids are looking to us as an example of how to adult. We want to teach them to always believe in what they do, to live with integrity, to hustle, and to always look for great human connections. We've made lots of mistakes over the years, and we've said a thousand 'sorrys', but we love the life we have and we want to share what we've learned to help others.

In 2018 we launched 'Mountains Meet LLC' based off of the William Blake quote: "Great things happen when men and mountains meet" We like to replace the word 'men' in that quote to 'women' because, well. . . .of course!

The meaning in this quote is two-fold for us:

1. connecting people back to this natural earth as a resource of health and wellness. . .chemicals and laziness are everywhere. The earth came ready with a remedy to both of those things and getting out and exploring and putting feet on dirt is important to us.

2. Starting a business can feel impossible and running one through ups and downs is even harder. We want to inspire perseverance encourage those who are unsure if the should venture out to do something on their own. Great things really do happen when you take that step. 

Our goal is to live lives of purpose, health and time and financial freedom, and we're here to take as many people with us as possible.

On our blog we'll share with you some personal stories of the adventures we've had in business and with people and we'll always share at least one free tool in each post.